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Grow revenue through consistent sales force execution

Despite best efforts to drive consistency, why do large disparities still exist between the best performers and low to medium performers?

In unpredictable economic times, it’s critical to focus on driving consistency and many companies are doing so by investing valuable time, resources, and budget dollars aimed at helping their agents consistently execute a successful sales process. Common steps include restructuring compensation plans, developing training, and even creating new internal support organizations. Despite the company’s efforts, sales agents are still executing inconsistently, which begs the question…

Why don’t agents consistently execute a successful sales process?

Hundred of interviews and observations with field sales agents and managers have produced insights surrounding the mystery, including:

> 67% of agents said they do not know HOW to execute the sales process

> 72% of agents said they find the process too complicated and unrealistic

> 95% of agents do not feel supported by the home office (tools, marketing, training, etc)

> 91% of field managers said they coach all agents, yet only 37% of agents said they received coaching from their managers

To overcome the challenge, we have 4 proven tips that drive consistent execution. When done correctly, these tips lift and maximize sales results in a short period of time:

1. Improve the sales process: Ensure your process is grounded in what your top performers actually do by spending time observing them in the field. Next, clarify expectations at each step for every key player. Finally, communicate the right level of detail so the process is clear and actionable

2. Simplify the agent’s world: Focus on developing only the activities and behaviors that will improve agent results. Then use existing technology to create marketing materials that are easy to locate, customize and use directly with customers at “the moment of truth”.

3. Enhance reporting: Customize performance reports so management can inspect an agent’s performance across process, measure progress toward sales goals and quickly identify gaps.

4. Facilitate culture change: Shift the organizational mindset from accommodation to accountability and develop managers to drive successful behaviors in the field.

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