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Why Don’t My Call Center Agents Cross-Sell?

There are four main inhibitors that typically prevent service reps from becoming successful sales reps, but there is a way to address each one.

1. Service-oriented reps do not feel sales should be part of their job.

Solution: Communicate how selling can enhance service if you can offer something that the customer needs and/or wants.

2. The reps lack the skills and/or behaviors to sell.

Solution: Recruit and hire reps with sales competencies. Then train and coach the reps to successfully identify customer needs and match them to your products and services.

3. The reps view selling as not worth the effort

Solution: Put in place carefully constructed, consistent and fair incentive programs that not only rewards reps for getting results, but also displaying the correct sales behaviors.

4. The company makes selling difficult on the reps. (constant product changes, pressure to meet service levels, inconsistent QA evaluations, etc)

Solution: Simplify the expectation of the reps and develop on-the-job tools that make it easy for them to execute the “ideal call’